Attention Fashionista’s and brides to be, your favourite time of the year – or at least our – is back! The time to get the biggest bang for your buck – and this year’s Black Friday Sales just got a whole lot sexier. This year we are putting up, our gorgeous, handcrafted couture bridal gowns from our luxury brand Kariena May on the Applique.Design platform with a discount of up to 70% !!

Why is it the best time to buy your wedding dress:

1.December is the new July

Summer weddings were all the rage – ten years ago. But off late we are seeing more and more brides deciding to tie the knot in the winter! Our dreamy bridal dresses are made with layers and layers of soft material, not only giving the dress a dramatic and romantic aura but also keeping you warm and cosy under the cascading layers. Perfect for any winter wedding!

2. Covid vaccines:

For all you brides to be’s who have been postponing your wedding indefinitely thanks to COVID. This news is probably the best this year! Several vaccines with high success rates are soon to be launched. What does this mean? You can finally have your wedding!! And we have organised to take your wedding one notch higher by offering you luxurious bridal gowns at crazy good prices!! 

3. Reception dress:

Already bought your wedding dress? Feel like you missed out on a brilliant opportunity? Don’t worry we got you covered. One dress for the nuptials and a second dress for the receptions. You only get married once so you might as well go all out. Our exquisite bridal gowns are perfect to make your evening even more memorable!

4. Revamp your wedding dress:

Don’t have a wedding yet, or perhaps you are already married? But still want to get your hands on our dresses? We have a solution for you too. Our style concierge at Applique.Design can help you style the bridal dresses as evening wear. Perhaps you could dye the dress and wear it to prom? The options are numerous! 

5. Celebrity inspired wedding dresses

Our bridal gowns are inspired by age-old romance. We have taken timeless celebrity bridal and red carpet looks and put our own twist on them. So you can be rest assured. That when you walk down the aisle in a Kariena May gown, the paparazzi won’t be far behind.

If you are as sold on the concept as we are! We suggest you go to and select your Kariena May bridal gown ASAP. Remember deals like this don’t last forever!

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