Dazzle in Red: Tips on wearing red the right way

A pop of red is essential. Even French women, who are famously known for their love of neutrals and fashion add a touch of red to their look. Be is with a red dress, red heals or even just a red lipstick. They understand the power of red. According to color psychology when red is seen on a woman, it portrays her as confident, sexy, and even intimidating. Red portrays you as the girl boss you are. So, instead of being intimidated by the color, why don’t you use it to intimidate others. What better way to do it than with a red dress?

Keep reading to see how you can accessories your red dress.

For the classy girl: Red Dress, Gold Accessories

A classy girl is partial to gold accessories. Gold accessories give every look a polished finish. Gold goes especially well with red. This is because the warm hues of red are beautifully contrasted with the cool gold hues, making the gold really shine! So, grab your favorite dainty layered gold necklace or some major statement earrings to add major wow factor to your look.

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For the Modest Queen: Nude shoes, red dress

When you are pulling off a bold shade like a red. Picking and choosing accessories can be a bit scary. So our advice for you would be. Pick nude heels similar to the color of your skin and let the dress do the talking. The nude heels won’t pull attention from the dress, nor will they draw attention to the dress. Allowing for the perfect balance. It’s the perfect combination to pull off a modest look with a red dress.

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For the Chic Gal: Red dress, smoky eye

Chic girls strive for the polished dramatic look. Their looks are bold, yet put together, The command attention, yet fit the environment perfectly. For a chic girl, the smokey eye and the red dress go hand in hand. The smokey eye enhances the sexiness of the red dress giving a sultry, sexy look.

The Modern Babe: Head to toe in red:

Monochromatic looks seem to be the trend of this decade. So, if you really want to be bold, try wearing different shades of red in the same outfit. Incorporate burgundy, fire red, deep ruby red, red print, and red sequins for a REALLY impactful look. Monochromatic looks, though hard to pull off, especially with a color like red, look stunning once worn.

Source: https://assets.pinterest.com/ext/embed.html?id=326581410477255872

The Bohemian Goddess: Red dress, with Boots

Bohemian looks are all about comfort and embracing the unexpected. A Flowey red dress, matched with cowboy boots gives the ultimate feminine look. No, we are not joking! The masculinity of the boots, enhances the Flowey material of the dress, making it seem more feminine and goddess-like than it already is!

Source: https://www.instyle.com/fashion/street-style/celebrity-70s-trend?crlt.pid=camp.b88o4UA8tRTS

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