Is a Mermaid-style wedding gown right for you?

For the sassy, sexy, suave bride, meet the dramatic mermaid cut! There’s a lot to love about this ultra-feminine dress style—it’s romantic, figure-flattering and is super sexy! For those who aren’t familiar with this style —mermaid gowns gently trace down the curve of your waist, accentuate the shape of your hips, and then flare out at the bottom, similar to a fishtail (hence the name)! Be vary, this showstopping cut may not for every bride. Keep reading to see if a mermaid style wedding dress is right for your big day.

1. Voluptuous curves

mermaid style wedding gown

The cut of this dress is very close to the body and is great for accentuating curves and showing off your stunning silhouette. Ladies with that hourglass shape are MADE FOR this dress as it highlights their tiny waist shapely curves perfectly.

2. Even torso

mermaid wedding dresses

This style is neither suited for the petite torso nor for the extra-long torso. The fit of this dress is unique in the sense it is both figure-hugging as well as voluminous. Making a short torsos look wide and disproportionate and a long torso even longer!

3. Big confidence

mermaid style bridal gown

This dress is not for the shy or the subtle! Due to its tight cut, it shows off all the lumps and bumps, which means you must have major confidence to wear it. We don’t all have the perfect body, but if you are going with the mermaid style you better act like it! If you are a bit more self-conscious about your body, you might feel comfier in a different style (which is perfectly ok!)

4. Simple accessories

wedding accessories

If you do decide to go with this dress style, then you should be the center of attention. Because this is such a showstopper, it’s easy to look over-accessorized. So when it comes to the mermaid style—go simple and let your dress do all the talking.