Wedding dress rental options for the modern and thrifty bride

We would like to invite you on a journey. A journey of your dreams. Sit back, relax and visualize your dream wedding. Do you see the gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous venue? Perhaps a secluded, romantic European building buried away on the mountains or maybe a bohemian, luxurious beach resort. See the decorations laid out so perfectly it was as if Michele Rago had personally selected them. Notice the flower arrangements, ones that give the Kim K wedding big competition. How does it feel to be here, walking down towards the love of your life. But wait! We forgot the most important thing! Your wedding dress!

Now, we are sure, you, like every woman, have a vivid image of what your dream wedding dress would look like. Whether it’s a minimalistic gown like Meghan Markle or with a dramatic train like Priyanka Chopra. If you are anything like us, your vision of the dream wedding dress has probably remained constant since you were a little girl.

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And now the little girl is all grown up! With a ring on your fourth finger! Planning your dream wedding- but that dreaded price tag! It’s threatening this dream! Costs of wedding dresses today are at an all-time high. And many brides are forced to choose between that dream wedding dress or that dream wedding. Buying that princess cut dress with a double hoop skirt may force you to compromise. Compromise on your venue, your guest list, and maybe even your honeymoon.

Now, we don’t think this is fair. Luckily, we have a solution! RENT YOUR DREAM WEDDING DRESS! Why is this a great idea?

No compromises and fabulous pictures

Rented gowns are usually a lot cheaper. So, you can indulge in your perfect wedding gown and still afford the rest of your wedding. A little secret: In a questionnaire recently conducted by us, close to 70% of all married women said they would have rather rented their wedding dress. So, learn from their mistake!

Sustainability queen

A wedding dress is only worn once and then packed away and left in the attic for decades. Earlier women used to keep their wedding dresses as a memento to remember their wedding say. But today, we have pictures to do that! So save the environment while still living out your dream wedding? We’d call that a win!

A second dress for a Reception

Still not convinced. Why don’t you rent a second dress? One to wear for the reception. A small wedding with a large post-nuptial party is becoming common. Wear a simple classic dress for your nuptials and then swap it out for a more glamorous dress! This way you get the best of both worlds – that too on a budget! A wedding dress that yours to keep and another that fulfills your childhood dreams!

The Applique Advantage:

Did you know that applique.Design makes you a fresh dress irrespective of whether you are buying it or renting it! So, don’t worry for a second about the dress not being brand new.

So, if you are sold on this concept, we suggest that you head to our Rental Products section and book our dream wedding dress today! Currently available across USA and Canada only.