For one of the most important moments of your life, Applique’s stunning designs have made it the world’s leading wedding dress and evening gown brands you can find. Our visionary taste and sophisticated designs give you a variety of dresses that you, your family, and your friends will absolutely adore.

Our main goal is to establish a contemporary approach to wedding and evening apparel that will allow women to look marvelous at modest prices.

For a night of wonder, we’ve reintroducing the concept of wedding gown loans.  Instead of expending a fortune on a dress for one evening, you can lease one of our own dresses for significantly less and invest your money on other experiences. Once you’ve made your final decision on which dress you would like to lease, we do everything in our power to tailor a brand new one that has never been worm before.  Whether you want to buy or lease our beautiful apparel we make sure that you have access to a couture gown for your wedding.

We’ve set out to create an online purchasing experience that encapsulates an atmosphere similar to being custom fit with a personal tailor.  With our concierge service we set you up with a professional style consultant that can fuse your unique style and body measurements to help you find your perfect dress.   Every single purchase entitles you to a free 15 minute consultation with our professional style concierge.

Appliqué has allowed women of all sizes, ethnicities, and cultures from around the world to connect on our platform where we provide invaluable insight on how to plan your wedding, what makeup to wear, self care, mental preparation, financial planning, and styling videos that give you the best tips and advice to follow when selecting your dress.  Inside our association of fashionistas, you will be able to interact with different women and engage in fun conversations about expressing yourself via apparel.